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Our Officers and Volunteers

President​                   Glyn Gregory

Vice President           George Owen

Chairman                   Barbara Joyce

Vice Chairman           David Brown

Secretary                   Sharon Meades

Treasurer                   Joshuha Hodkinson     

General Committee


Judy Weldon                 

Jim Weldon

Gavin Prior         

George Owen

John Prior

Cath Bromley

Maureen Sawyer

Denise Willis

Stella Jackson

Dorothy Gordon






At the AGM in January the Officers and Committee of the Society for 2023 were elected as Follows -



Show Manager                     David Brown

Show recorder                     Barbara Joyce

Publicity Secretary               Gavin Prior

Trips Co-ordinator                Julie Watson

Membership Secretary          Jim Weldon

Speakers Secretary              Maureen Sawyer

Plant Sale                            David Brown & Roger Handscombe

Show Schedule                    David Brown & Roger Handscombe

Raffles                                Stella Jackson

Refreshments Organiser       

Chorley BC Liaison               David Brown

Webmaster                          Roger Handscombe

Member's Plant Sales           George Owen

Newsletter Editor                 Maureen Sawyer



Life Members


Tom Atherton

Jim Bennett

Marion Bennett

Monica Cussens

Glyn Gregory

Heather Morris

George Owen

Roger Whittle

Roger Handscombe

David Brown

      Celebrating 139 Years of Gardening



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