Annual Flower Show 2019

The 2019 show was held at Trinity Church Hall, Chorley on Saturday 7th September.


The show attracted 730 exhibits from 78 exhibitors, the most for many years. Preparations in the hall began on Friday evening when the many volunteers under the direction of Show Manager David Brown set up the equipment and allocated space for exhibits


Followed by the staging of exhibits by the exhibitors on Friday evening and Saturday morning

Then the judging


Opening to the public at 2.00 p.m. on Saturday


And finally the presentation of awards and trophies by the Mayor of Chorley, Councillor Hasina Khan

2019 Prizewinners



NDS Silver Medal for best exhibit in Dahlia classes                            Mick Cooper                     

President's Cup for most points in Dahlia classes                               Mick Cooper                      



Carnation Shield for best exhibit                                                      Marion Bennett

Baxi Cup for most points in the flower classes                                   George Owen                    

Rivington Cup for best vase of garden flowers in classes 21 & 29        Chris Nightingale             



A & G Trophy for most points in cacti classes                                    Peter Walker                     



BFS Rosette for most points in fuchsia classes                                  Derek Howarth

Tom & Alice Leyland Trophy for best exhibit in fichsia classes             Carmel Madden                                          



Corless Cup for most points in vegetable classes                               Peter Walker                     

NVS Medal for best exhibit in the vegetable classes                           Mick Cooper                     

Kerfoot Trophy for best exhibit in the vegetable classes                     Mick Cooper



Fernbank Trophy for best exhibit                                                      Carole Briggs                   

The 125th Anniversary Trophy for most points in Novice classes         Carole Briggs           



The C.H. Lowe Trophy for most points in Childrens' classes                Bryn Edwards & Freya Prior          



Edwina Brown Trophy for most points in Craft classes                        David Briggs  


Gardening Society Classes

James Sumner Roger memorial Trophy for best exhibit                      Larysa Hathaway



Riversdale trophy for most points in Confectionary classes                Carole Briggs

Margaret Calderbank Trophy for best exhibit                                    Carole Briggs    


Floral Art

Lunel Cup for best exhibit in Floral Art                                            Marion Bennett

Harry Mayor memorial Trophy for most points in Floral Art               Dedrah Moss

Lyn Goulding Cup for best exhibit in Children's Floral Art                  Finley MacDiarmid


Under 18s

Claude Lowe Memorial Trophy for most meritorious exhibit (u18)      Freya Prior


Harley Trophy

Gold medal and Banksian Medal                                                      George Owen

Siver Medal                                                                                   Chris Nightingale

Bronze medal                                                                                David Briggs

Bronze Medal                                                                                Derek Howarth & Carol Kellett