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Show Rules for Exhibitors

  1. All classes are open to non members excepting the Photographic Classes

  2. All exhibits in the Horticultural Classes (including novice classes) must be the bona fide property in the possession and upon the premises of the exhibitor for not less than eight weeks before the show.

  3. Exhibitors who have won 3 first prizes in any Horticultural or Vegetable Class of any show are not eligible to exhibit as a Novice in classes 78 to 86.

  4. Exhibits in the Childrens' Classes must be the unaided work of the exhibitor.

  5. Craft Exhibits must have been made by the exhibitor during the 12 months prior to the show.

  6. Signatures or names on any Craft item must be masked.

  7. Photographs exhibited in the Garden Society Classes must a)have been taken in the 12 months preceding the show and the date it was taken must be on the back of the photo in ink.                                                                           b) Exhibitors are limited to a maximum of three entries in each of the Gardening Society Classes.                             c) You must be a fully paid up member of the Society on the date the photograph was taken.                                      d) Photographs exhibited in the Gardening Society Classes must be unmounted and not exceed 7" x 5".

  8. All exhibits in the Home Made Confectionery Classes must be home made and made to the recipe, where specified.

  9. In the Floral Art Classes an exhibit is defined as "an arrangement of plant material with, or without, accessories". No artificial plant material is allowed. Sizes of exhibits are defined in the class description.

  10. Adult Fees are 30p per class entry. Children's entries (in any class) are free.

  11. All completed entry forms must be with the Show Recorder not later than the Wednesday preceding the show. Use one entry form per person.  Entry forms can also be submitted electronically via the web site or e mail

  12. Late entries will be allowed up to 6pm on the Friday before the show at 30p plus a late entry fee of 25p for each entry. No further entries will be accepted.

  13. Entry forms for children and those competing for the Claude Lowe Memorial Trophy must be complete with age on the day of the show. Children's entries also need to be certified as unaided by the parent/guardian on the entry form.

  14. The Society reserves the right to refuse any entry.

  15. Exhibits must be staged within the specified time limits, i.e. 7.30pm to 9.00pm on Friday and 7.30am to 10.45am on Saturday and the hall must be vacated during judging or as requested by a Steward.

  16. Exhibitors may provide their own vases and must not touch or move any other exhibitor's exhibit. Vases are also available from the Society and must be emptied and cleaned on return.

  17. The Society reserves the right to withold any Trophy or Award.

  18. Any protest must be handed in to the Show Manager in writing with a fee of £1 before 3pm on Show Day. The fee will be returned if the protest is upheld.

Exhibitor Tips


Classes 56 - 58  Onions & Shallots should be dressed down to the first complete skin, have the roots trimmed and the necks tied.

Class 63  Peas - long fresh smooth well filled pods with a good bloom and colour.

Classes 64 & 65  French and runner beans should be straight pods with partial stalks pointing the same way if possible and no outward sign of seeds in pods.

Class 66  Cucumbers should be straight, same length and thickness with floret still attached if possible.

Class 68  Marrow - optimum size 40cm long or 20cm in diameter if round variety.

Class 69  Courgettes - tender fruit, good shape and colour, 15cm long with flowers attached.

Class 70  Any other veg. Only show one vegetable i.e. 1 leek instead of 3 leeks.

Class 71 & 72  Apples should be clean, not washed or polished and have a natural bloom.  Should be shown with stalks down on the plate.

Class 73  1 plate of six stoned fruit - stalks attached, not polished, natural bloom.

Class 74  1 plate of soft fruit - fresh, not soft.  Stalks or strigs attached.


Plants used in the display must be showing flowers only. No seed heads or berries are allowed.  Foliage which is growing naturally from the flowering stem, and still attached to the stem, will be allowed.  No additional foliage should be included.

Regarding presentation it should be noted that the vase should be in proportion to the display which will be viewed from all directions.

Packing materials - in line with RHS guidelines, floral foam (Oasis) will not be permitted.

In all classes where a "vase" is referred to it must conform to RHS rules i.e. it must be taller in height than it is wide at the mouth. A "Bowl" must be as wide or wider at the mouth than its height.

Classes 17 - 19  Carnations must have stems of Dianthus foliage in the vase.

Class 7  1 vase of mixed flowers - a vase of mixed flowers should contain between 5 and 10 stems taken from a minimum of two different kinds of plants. Please note this means two different kinds of plants - two different varieties of the same flower are not two different kinds.

Only fresh home grown flowers can be used in the vase

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